Refugee Resettlement

  • First, I am alive and well and thanks to readers who have checked in on my welfare!  And, special thanks to those of you who sent notes to my snail mail post office box. If you are wondering, I will post from time to time, more maybe when cold weather arrives and I am stuck […]
  • In an article, one of MANY I am seeing, refugee contractors are complaining that they can’t find enough housing for the Afghan evacuees most states, including New Hampshire, are welcoming. Ten days ago, I reported on the lack of affordable housing for Biden’s newest wave of ‘new Americans,’ see here: Oh Joy! Just What America […]
  • They have been trying for years to open Wyoming’s borders to the world, but the state has resisted for forty years as the only state in the nation that never set up a refugee program and never invited a refugee contractor*** in to do their dirty work. The most recent effort to shove diversity down […]
  • As the 2021 fiscal year wrapped up, resettlement contractors*** are directing their anger at Joe Biden, as that meany Trump can no longer be blamed for his “nativist” and “racist” slowdown of refugee admissions under the Refugee Act of 1980. But, LOL! They aren’t going so far as to call their team—Biden or Harris— names […]
  • “We also know without significant resources, there’s the real prospect of homelessness for some of these families.” (Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service President and CEO Krish O’Mara Vignarajah)   So what did they expect with Biden’s careless and illegal airlift of tens of thousands of needy Afghans!   How did they not see this coming?  […]