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  • Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Aims To Make America ‘Ungovernable’
    by Pamela Geller on 2017-06-23 at

    We know this but they are saying it, they are telling us with impunity. They want a civil war or surrender. IN THEIR OWN WORDS: ANTI-TRUMP ‘RESISTANCE’ LEADERS SAY THEY WANT TO MAKE AMERICA ‘UNGOVERNABLE’ By Peter Hasson, Daily Caller, June 22, 2017: Behind the mass protests, choreographed chants and acts of violence, leaders of [… […]

  • Trans-Canada
    by The Catholic Thing on 2017-06-23 at

    David Warren on Canadian craziness: if you’re a member of a protected class, you may still say anything; but if you are not, God help you. One is left speechless by some government legislation. That would be its intention, for it is designed to prevent, or gravely discourage, persons with views other than the Zeitgeist’s [… […]

  • VIDEO: Colts for England!
    by Bill Finlay on 2017-06-23 at

    What happens when a nation strips its citizens of the tools they need to defend their families? Jihad! That’s what happens. We call out the British government over its suicidal, stupid approach to Islam. EDITORS NOTE: Before America’s entry into WWII small arms and ammunition were purchased from U.S. manufacturers until they were supplied under lend lease [… […]

  • Biblical Clues to Christ’s Hebrew Name and Jesuit Mischief with Jesus
    by Dr. Richard Ruhling, MD on 2017-06-22 at

    Christ implies that we don’t understand the parables—we are asleep with lights out in Matthew 25:5. The next verse says ‘midnight.’ It’s dark, and hence a need of oil in the lamps to find the way to the wedding. There is parallel imagery in the Song of Solomon representing Israel’s wisest king, the Messiah where [… […]

  • Fake Security is More Dangerous than No Security
    by Michael Cutler on 2017-06-22 at

    How the “Improved Visa Waiver Program” creates the perilous illusion of security. Once again terrorists have attacked and wounded and killed innocent civilians in London, England. On June 3rd a terrorist attack at London Bridge and Borough Market was carried out by three apparent Jihadists who used a rented van to mow down pedestrians, whereupon [… […]

  • Why Some Cryptocurrencies Fail and Some Don’t by Larry White
    by Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) on 2017-06-22 at

    A well-known obstacle to the greater popularity of Bitcoin as a medium of payment is the high volatility of its exchange value. This volatility results from its built-in quantity commitment: because the number of Bitcoins in existence stays on a programmed path, variations in the real demand to hold Bitcoin must be accommodated entirely by [… […]

  • Class and Race Are Never an Excuse to Gloat over State Atrocities by Jeffrey A. Tucker
    by Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) on 2017-06-22 at

    Even with all the news of terrorism around the world, there is something especially chilling and horrifying about the case of 22-year-old Otto Warmbier. Hearing the news of his death wounded me, and, I admit, more so than the usual litany of suffering around the world. If there is anything redeeming to come of this, [… […]

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